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A must - this lady has totally transformed my life and body. I came to Stefania with a variety of problems (stomach, digestion, anxiety, depression), mainly coming from living life to the edge whilst working many long hours in a very stressful job; burning the candle at both ends.  Her insightful knowledge and intuition, easy-to-implement strategies, and compassionate nature, changed my health and life. I haven’t looked back. I feel in control and rarely have outbreaks - and when I do, I know why and how to bring myself back. I can't recommend her and her sessions enough.

J. Weir, HR Director, Barcelona

It took me 15 years and a fortunate encounter to finally talk with someone and work on what is holding me back in life. Clearly, it’s never too late, and sometimes all it takes is to sit down with the right person...Stefania’s advice and how she challenges me throughout our sessions have had such a positive impact on my life that I could only recommend her services.

M. T, Project Manager, Dubai

Stefania offers so much great information, some beautiful insights and really great practices and strategies for getting to the core of who I am. Awareness is everything and Stefania's approach is wonderful - really soft, engaging and very powerful.

S. Howse, Photographer, London

The vocalisation of where a lot of our streams of thought come from and explanation of our behaviour towards ourselves. Stefania provides people with helpful tools in understanding and working on these aspects to reach a happier free-er place. Thank you ! It was wonderful to hear many of the things I've thought about confirmed and explained and in such a passionate and clear way.

D. Youssef, Designer, London


Why not both?

  • Awaken, heal and transform with contemporary therapy

  • Discover your unique Human Design to understand the energetic blueprint of who you are

  • Redesign your nutritional health with Longevity Science

  • Assess your physical, emotional and spiritual health with Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • Receive guidance on ancient healing medicines

  • Connect your mind, body and spirit so you can experience joy, freedom, and transformation.




Stefania Arzamendia is a bilingual London-based Holistic Psychotherapist & Wellbeing Coach

Hola! I’m Stefania, a Paraguayan-European holistic psychotherapist who believes that people’s emotional troubles and mental disharmonies need to be addressed along with the examination of their physiological health, lifestyle and food habits. I was not comfortable talking to my clients strictly from a psychological perspective. I searched for a healing art in concert with  the concepts of balance, ecology and energy, and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist and Longevity principles. I wanted to have a strong system with multiple dimensions, including the physical, emotional, mental, natural, social, existential and spiritual.


The Barefoot Woman grew from focusing my attention on the unity and integrity of the human body (mind, body and soul) and its interrelation with the outside world. By unifying the examination of your physiological state with your emotional and mental disposition, I am able to holistically comprehend where imbalances are present, and work with you to reach a state of balance, empowerment, and freedom. We can work in Spanish or English, as you prefer.

Stefania teaches individuals how to make the unconscious conscious. She guides others to understand themselves, their behaviours, and their emotions in order to live authentically and lead with compassion.

She holds a space for you to grow stronger, be vulnerable, expand your awareness and connect with your power and intelligence. Together you will do deep psychological work to create awareness and heal trauma, as well as redesign your lifestyle, diet, and care rituals so that you can take on the world from a place of wholeness.

Stefania can show you how you can transform your life.


Take a deep breath.

How are you?

Is there anything bothering you? What are you struggling with? Please let me know and I will get back to you with suggestions on how I can guide you forward within a few hours.  


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