Mba'éichapa, che réra Stefania!

Hi, I am Stefania Arzamendia, a Paraguayan-European holistic psychotherapist, health coach and entrepreneur who guides human beings who want to live authentically, in alignment with their higher-purpose, and being the full expression of who they are. My mission is for people to examine their lives, reflect on their values, explore their humanness, and contact their creative Self, in order to live authentically and lead with compassion. My vision is for people to shift from focusing on individual joy and success to interdependence, solidarity and collaboration within their community, business or organisation in order to cultivate a better reality and a purposeful life.

I am passionate about guiding people to make the right choices for their unique spiritual being to thrive in joy and to be the person and member of a community they feel comfortable being using all aspects of their selves. I deeply wish people would stop living a reactionary existence using destructive coping mechanisms programmed in childhood for the sake of attachment and start living a conscious existence, with compassion for themselves and others and to be emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically healthy.


Why? Because we don't need to chose between attachment and authenticity. Because I believe that nobody's existence should be stuck in a cycle of pain and that every single human being can see the light if given love and attention. 

After 5 years of studying Psychology at Universitat de Barcelona, I began building a company from zero with a high-risk product and working two other jobs to pay my bills. Two years later I was a burnt-out entrepreneur, my start-up failed, but I was serendipitously offered to manage a Danish international real estate company, Casamona. I ran Casamona for two years and learnt that a business can thrive by leading with integrity, values and authenticity, as opposed to focusing on profit, engaging in aggressive business tactics or treating individuals insensitively. 

I then accepted an invitation to work at a tech start-up as a product manager and growth-hacker in London. I went from managing a team of 25 and happily dealing intimately with international-clients 7 days a week to managing a software product with screens, logic trees, algorithms and dealing with a team of 5 where emotions were not welcome. I was thirsty for the challenge and done with the real estate world, but the difference in values and company culture was enormous. My salary was huge, the project had all the needed resources and brain power for success, but I fell into a deep depression (for a variety of reasons). 


It was a break-through moment for me. Not only because of the depression, but because I was a minefield of suppressed negative emotions that were exploding each day. After a very dark year, hours of contemplation, days of sadness, and bitter coldness, I quit.


I ended the lease on my flat, left my job and flew to a beautiful forest where I lived for a month with the Rainbow Tribe. I connected to Mother Nature, her elements, her medicine. I lived in a community where compassion and freedom were the spoken languages, where the medicines to heal the soul, mind and body were dancing, singing, listening, expressing, hugging, sharing and being freely. I went to live with a tribe that held the same values as the indigenous people from my country - I felt I was home, with a far greater connection to my Self and to my authentic desire and will to guide people emotionally and spiritually.

then enrolled to do my Masters in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy at the Erich Fromm Institute in Barcelona with the pioneers of Humanistic Psychotherapy in Spain. It was an honour to work side by side by true masters, absorb their wisdom and learn their methods. I also enrolled at the Academy of Healing Nutrition in London, where I learnt Traditional Chinese Medicine & Taoist principles of longevity. I am currently furthering my education with Dr. Gabor Maté, a deep honour.

The theoretical model adopted in my practice is based on Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy, which I have integrated with Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles. More specifically, my approach is existential-humanistic, and I work with Bioenergetic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Biosynthesis Therapy, amongst other humanistic models. 

I work with individuals who need support in their personal life in one to one sessions via Zoom, and also with entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives who need guidance with the purpose of thriving in their professional life. You can learn more about this by watching my talk to business leaders and entrepreneurs here. 

On a mission for humans to grow stronger, heal, expand their awareness and connect with their power and intelligence, you can follow me on Instagram for inspiration and wellbeing guidance.

Please don't be shy, connect with me if you'd like - I'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you love, health and empowerment,