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On a mission for people to understand their behaviours, their emotions, and who they are in order to live with awareness, develop presence, and connect to their power, I am hosting the YouTube channel, Wellbeing with Stefania, a new global online community for seekers.


Wellbeing with Stefania grew from the need for guidance on matters related to people's psychological, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and ecological wellbeing. After 10 years of studying psychology, people, trauma, food as medicine, my own demons and joys, and deep gratitude for my plant medicine experiences and tribe, I felt a calling to share my knowledge, experience and insights with the world. Tired of financial barriers to access wellbeing and therapy preventing universal healing, I decided to offer what I can for free. I believe the money will serendipitously follow.

You may be struggling with depression, anxiety, existentialism, burn out, or feeling a bit stuck. Perhaps you have achieved everything you set yourself out to, yet somehow you are still unhappy. Perhaps life is just too hard right now and you feel there is nothing you can do. Or are you feeling balanced and strong, but would like to go deeper into your self? This is the space for you. 


I will post my videos as I make them and will create events for opportunities for Q&A with me on my new private Facebook Group Wellbeing with Stefania, so make sure you join that. I am feeling energetic, ecstatic and ready to give. From you I humbly ask for patience as I am taking it one step at a time, but I also ask for collaboration. Please ask me questions, get in touch, follow me on instagram, connect with me. I am here for you and I love your questions, they make me feel held and less lonely as I work hard to grow a business that's going to radically increase people's wellbeing, or so I hope. We must dream and visualise what we want in order to make it happen, so here we go!

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Stefania Arzamendia, The Barefoot Woman, holds a space for all genders to grow stronger, be vulnerable, expand their awareness and connect with their power and intelligence. We will do deep psychological work as well as redesign your health habits around food, movement and meditation. Contact Stefania, Psycologist and Wellbeing Consultant who works with Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles, Humanistic Psychology, and Bioenrgetic Therapy.