• Awaken and heal with conversation, bioenergy, visualisations & more

    1 hr

    95 British pounds
  • Your unique Human Design reading to open the gateway to self-knowledge

    1 hr 30 min

    £150 / £250
  • Help your team's wellbeing so that you reach your company objectives.

    2 hr

    Starting at £300
  • Live vibrantly with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health

    1 hr

    95 British pounds
  • An integral health assessment: Traditional Chinese Meds. & Psychology

    2 hr 30 min

    250 British pounds
  • Receive one-off advice on specific things you are struggling with.

    1 hr

    95 British pounds

A letter to you from a past client:

"...the work Stefania and I did brought me freedom from most chronic issues, including mental and emotional. Today I feel the world is my oyster and all I needed was to be put back into natural balance, Stefania navigated me back to that balance. "

Let me conclude the experience and the results of my therapy with Stefania, but before I get to those points I’ll tell you why I decided to work with her initially.

Stefania looks at wellbeing in a holistic fashion - way beyond the traditional way of helping people get better, and beyond the ramification of the individual. Traditionally you have to go and see individual physicians that are specialising in fragments of your being and then try to navigate through, somehow combine and make sense of the various newfound information. All a time, energy and money consuming routine. The idea of working with someone who looks at me as one whole interconnected being was very refreshing and exciting. 
Stefania is able to assess problems, connect them, and counterintuitively recommend the right approach to heal. The results are monitored regularly. 

Qigong to raise mood and increase circulation, coco-nip smoothie to heal chronic thirst and replace the morning coffee, functional medicinal mushrooms to remove lethargy and chronic aches...these are just a few recommendations that Stefania suggested to me. 


The results are really incredible, they are permanent and through the learning of unconventional methods, a new uncharted territory opened up for me. Today I’m feeling free, light and positive, I smile more then frown and I’m finally becoming the person I aways wanted to, but never had the energy to be. Today I work to fulfil my dreams instead of holding on, being tide down to a secure career that I didn’t dare let go of in fear of not being able to achieve what I truly desire. 

Working with Stefania requires your full commitment. She brings a crucial 50% of the success, but it will be really up to you to bring the other 50. The process is cool, fun, engaging and enlightening.

After nearly 12 months I can confidently say that the work Stefania and I did brought me freedom from most chronic issues, including mental and emotional. Today I feel the world is my oyster and all I needed was to be put back into natural balance, Stefania navigated me back to that balance. 

Forever grateful,

Perry Patraszewski

Co-Founder of Blue Tit London