Mind-Body-Immunity Health Starter

Now more than EVER it’s important to see the silver lining and stay healthy. If you can't go out, heal and strengthen what is within.

My priority is for your mental, emotional and physical health to be optimal. I want to support you during these stressful and difficult times. To do this I have created resources for you to get healthy.


This Mind-Body-Immunity Health Starter is for you to keep working on cultivating a strong immune system and feeling in control of your emotional, mental and physical health. You might be busy or feeling stuck and as much as you want to be healthy, it is hard to get to it, so now you have no excuse :)

IMPLEMENT: In this Mini Health Plan you have a suggested plan on how to get started on implementing what you have learnt from the Workshop into your daily life. Keep practicing each meditation exercise to calm your mind, so you don't forget them and you integrate them into your day-to-day. 

TOOLS: In this kit you have tools you can reach out to anytime you need a quick shot of health.  If you need to get on track and don't know where to start, keep this close and include what you learnt in this workshop in your daily routine.

I have a perceptive awareness of life flow and what it is that helps energy to be used effectively in a healthy way and what causes it to degenerate into stagnation. I am a Paraguayan-European holistic psychotherapist, a wellbeing coach and the founder of The Barefoot Woman. I support men, women, and others with tailor-made plans based on their demands, offering a space to examine your life, feelings and health in greater depth. I focus on the mind-body unit and correct the root sources of imbalance allowing you to thrive at work, in life and in your relationships.

Are you on track towards a better future?

Is there anything bothering you? What are you struggling with? Please let me know and I will get back to you with suggestions on how to move forward.