A Mind-Body Health Assessment

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An integral health assessment: Traditional Chinese Meds. & Psychology

  • 2 hours
  • 250 British pounds

Service Description

You will have a 60 minute session with Holistic Psychotherapist and Wellbeing Coach, Stefania Arzamendia, talking to her about your body's health, your lifestyle, how you feel and what your wellbeing goals are. She will ask you many questions as she assesses your mind, body, and soul's health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychological perspective. Stefania will generate a report for you to be aware of your integral health taking into account all dimensions of your health: mind, body and spirit. In the second session, you will discover where weaknesses and disharmonies are present and work towards balance, strength and joy. Feel confident about your immune system and develop realistic health habits that suit your lifestyle. Enhance your health, develop your wellbeing, and learn to connect your mind and body to avoid pain or discomfort with Longevity Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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