Holistic Well-being Coaching

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Live vibrantly with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health

  • 1 hour
  • 95 British pounds
  • Online Session

Service Description

Live longer, age slower and enjoy living with health on multiple dimensions...without feeling like you are sacrificing all that you love. Together with Stefania you will explore ways to improve your wellbeing that fit your life and way of being, you will take charge of your health and be on the way to feeling healthy, whole and energetic. Learn how to use food, movement and meditation as medicine for your wellbeing in order to sustain your energy, cultivate your focus, keep your emotional health in check and feel confident about your immunes system's ability to protect you from viruses and other pathogens. Your health is a reflection of your lifestyle. The idea here is for you to learn how to manage your own health, which herbs and foods work for your unique energetic body, which exercises are helpful for you and how to be aware and pay attention to your symptoms as they arise, in order to act quickly and prevent severe illness. We can go as deep as you'd like. If you'd like to only focus on food and movement as medicine, then we will do that. If you'd like to include a little bit of emotional therapy and behavioural science, we can do that. You are in control of what you choose to work on. You can tell Stefania what your goals are or design them with her and together you will reach your well-being objectives. The purpose here is for you to improve your wellbeing and with the awareness of what foods, exercises, practices, habits and rituals benefit your way of being, you will thrive in health, spiritual alignment and holistic well-being. A few examples of what Stefania can help you with: - Treat chronic conditions such as insomnia, IBS, physical tension, pain, digestive issues - Boost your immune system to protect yourself from getting sick - Improve your diet to improve general health and prevent illness - Using food to manage your anxiety and/or depression. - Learning meditation to improve your overall health - Design a healthy lifestyle in order to thrive and achieve all your goals These sessions are 100% designed around your needs. Talk to Stefania to see how she can help you and what she has in mind to get you where you want to go being the best version of yourself.

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