Well-being & Therapy for your Company

Help your team's wellbeing so that you reach your company objectives.

  • 2 hours
  • Starting at £200
  • Online Session / Your LDN or BCN office

Service Description

Many entrepreneurs and managers will benefit from seeing a qualified therapist, but many whole companies could benefit from consulting one as well. Given the reality that even the highest functioning of us have some issues, and that, in many knowledge and creativity-dependent jobs, these issues impact both the quality of our work our and the satisfaction we take in it, the logical conclusion is to hire someone to help your team work through their mental health kinks. Help your team with personal challenges. People are central to the success of your business. Issues impact both the quality of your team's work and the satisfaction they take in it. Hire Stefania to help your team work through their challenges, adopt a better mindset and improve their emotional well-being in order to reach your company objectives. Assuming that your team can leave their issues to one side and start work each day to perform the tasks required of them, to assume they can manage the natural stresses that come with having a full-time job, to think that they can separate home life from work life, well, it's just simply misguided. It's wrong to ask that of people. And even in the absurd situation where it is asked, I'd be very surprised to find anyone who could do that with any degree of consistency. Hire Stefania a few days a month to be on site or via Zoom to discuss with employees any issues that are troubling them in an entirely confidential setting. We know that opening up, confronting and potentially overcoming any of the things that might be on one's mind will do that person a wealth of good. Your company will benefit as a result. Well-being trainings for your team are also available.

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