I hold a space for all genders to grow stronger, be vulnerable, expand their awareness and connect with their power and intelligence. We will do deep psychological work as well as redesigning your health habits around food, movement and meditation.




In this programme we will explore your life script, your emotional and mental wellbeing as well as assessing your physical health and nourishment rituals. This programme will be adapted to your needs and desires and is a perfect combination of the physical and psychological.


We tell each other stories that run our lives so much that they become unconscious to the extent that we keep suppressing ourselves for the sake of attachment, for the sake of being accepted, loved, and respected, but disconnected from our true selves. Under the authority of attachment we are stressing ourselves, and to that degree we are actually making ourselves sick.

Today is an opportunity for transformation. There has never been a more powerful time to surrender than NOW. I know because otherwise you wouldn't be here, reading this, and connecting with me. Things need to shift for us to move up to the next level, and right now, the world is shifting. This is a massive opportunity for self growth.

Break-free and live a happier life with purpose and healthy relationships with your work, yourself, and others. Increase your awareness of mental constructs and find out which patterns you are unconsciously and undecidedly living by and experience freedom of choice and empowerment. 

Cool, what's included?

  • 45 minute free consultation with Stefania via Zoom 

  • 16 private 60 minute sessions via Zoom with Stefania, weekly during the 4 month programme

  • 4 additional private 60 minute follow-up sessions after the programme is finished

  • All-day availability to Stefania via WhatsApp (with boundaries!) 

  • Profound psychological work using the Humanistic Integrative Model

  • Connecting the mind & body with Bioenergetic Therapy

  • A Health Assessment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective

  • A Nutrition plan with medicinal food recipes

  • Taoist Medicinal Tonics

  • An understanding of the body, mind & spirit connection

  • Effective techniques to strengthen Qi Meridians & Hara

  • Execution of the core principles of Longevity science

  • Stay grounded and avoid confusion about all the diet trends and advice in the current age of information overload

  • Full emotional support & advice

  • Access to your inner strength, beauty and power

  • Self-care strategies & tips for mindfulness and meditation

  • Information, articles, handouts, recipes and much more

Price: £2,125

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Stefania Arzamendia, The Barefoot Woman, holds a space for all genders to grow stronger, be vulnerable, expand their awareness and connect with their power and intelligence. We will do deep psychological work as well as redesign your health habits around food, movement and meditation. Contact Stefania, Psycologist and Wellbeing Consultant who works with Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles, Humanistic Psychology, and Bioenrgetic Therapy.

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