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The perfect solution if you want to feel confident about your immune system and develop realistic health habits that suit your lifestyle. Enhance your health, develop your wellbeing, and learn to connect your mind and body to avoid pain or discomfort with Contemporary Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


                             FLOW OF NATURE

A programme to assess your bio-individuality, treat your imbalances with medicinal foods and taoist herbs, and review your lifestyle to cultivate an active immune system and excellent health.

Become in-tuned with the energetics of your unique body type, learn health hacks with practical applications that will build and maintain your good health, and gradually replace the negative patterns that previously led to pain and discomfort with habits that fit into your lifestyle and will keep you in flow with nature.


What you think you know about your health, mind, body and food will be challenged and your awareness will expand with a whole new school of thought. You will learn to reconnect your mind, body and spirit for life - once you draw the connection, everything rearranges.  


Achieve and sustain a holistic lifestyle. Use your energy levels wisely. Develop an intelligent approach to wellness.

Wake up to the fact that your food, lifestyle, and attitudes have a direct impact on how you feel and think.


I'll personally support you to connect with your health mission and develop the strategy to get you there. We’ll transform your mindset and remove what’s standing in the way of you feeling balanced, pain-free and happy.



It's time to

       WAKE UP!

Cool, what's included?

  • Free 30 minute private consultation via Zoom with Stefania

  • 8 private 60 minute sessions with Stefania via Zoom, weekly during the 8-week programme

  • 4 additional private 60 minute follow-up sessions after the programme is finished

  • All-day availability to Stefania via WhatsApp (with boundaries!) 

  • Health assessment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective

  • Nutrition plan with medicinal food recipes

  • Taoist Medicinal Tonics

  • Understand the body, mind & spirit connection

  • Effective techniques to strengthen Qi Meridians & Hara

  • Execute the core principles of the Longevity Diet

  • Stay grounded and avoid confusion about all the diet trends and advice in the current age of information overload

  • Self-care strategies & tips for mindfulness and meditation

  • Information, articles, handouts, recipes and much more

Price: £1,350 

* Due to the current crisis, flexibility on payments & reductions are possible, just ask :) 

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The perfect solution for all genders who want to feel confident about their immune system and develop realistic health habits that suit their  lifestyle. Enhance your health, develop your wellbeing.  and learn to connect your mind and body to avoid pain or discomfort. Thrive with Stefania Arzamnedia, The Barefoot Woman. She is a pychologist and wellbeing consultant who will get you where you want to go.

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